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I joined Paris air in 2000 together with my brother. We both enrolled in the CFI, CFII, MEI courses.  When we finished our courses in the beginning of 2001, Paris offered us the opportunity to teach at Paris Air, where I stayed until 2003 (My brother left in 2002). By the time I left Paris Air, I had flown approximately 2000 hours, of which 700 were ME, and some of those in a Citation Bravo.

I then Joined Euroatlantic Airways and flew the Tristar 500 L-1011.  One year later, I joined TAP Air Portugal. Meanwhile, my brother had also joined TAP, where we flew the A320,A330, and A340 for TAP until 2012.   Last year we moved to Dubai and we are currently flying the A330/340.

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  • License Earned: CFI, CFII and MEI
    Current Status: First Officer at United Arab Emirates flying A330/340

Paris Air gave me the experience, knowledge and the leadership skills to become a better pilot. From Paris’s family and all the staff at Paris air, I gathered only good memories. I was married by Paris himself, and some of the staff are still my friends.


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